How to… get through a snowstorm?

I encountered a record-breaking snowstorm at Domaine de Long Dai in Yantai in the last month of 2023.

In the snow-covered Mulangou Village, the daily life of the villagers revealed a wisdom and composure harmoniously integrated with the environment. I documented their resilience and courage in such extreme weather, showcasing their unique ways of surviving the winter. Inside Domaine de Long Dai, I delved into the unique style of grape plantations in winter, the intricacies of the winemaking process and the operational nuances of the estate, attempting to capture the subtle details inherent in this transformative journey. This also represents a profound observation of the interdependence between humanity and nature.

Temperature and humidity are among the most crucial factors in the winemaking process. Approaching it from the perspectives of temperature, humidity and transformation, captured the peace and warmth presented by a winery and a village as they jointly embraced winter and snowstorm.

So, how did they get through this record-breaking snowstorm together? ———Yuyang Liu

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