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New York Designers set the stage for Spring/Summer 2015. The NY runway fashion will reflect one
of the hottest trends of the season: black & white. Photographed by Philip Gay, styled by Bobette
Cohn. The story is about New York City street and runway style.

1 What was the inspiration behind the story?
My inspiration came from one of the hottest trends for the spring season — the unique mix of black & white fashion. I found the combinations of high fashion and urban street wear on the New York runway really reflects the style of New York City fashion girls, who love to mix it up. The mood for the fashion was high energy — like New York City.

2 What was most memorable moment of that day?
Probably the most memorable moment for me was watching Larissa walking on 57th Street, while the buses and traffic rushed past. She almost seemed to walk in her own, beautiful world.

3 Did you encounter any difficulties and how did you overcome it?
One difficulty was the temperature, which was a little on the chilly side. I had to keep pulling on and off a down parka of mine to warm up Larissa. Also while we were shooting, we had to carry around the fashion looks in a garment bag and had to run in and out of hotels and cafes to change her . Was so nice that everyone was so friendly and helpful.

To see more of Bobette’s work visit the BLOC website.

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